This website was created by a group of 5th graders in the school year 2013/2014. The students called themselves the Fantastic Ferrets and they worked hard to change the world. Another great group of 5th graders has arrived on the scene to pick up the torch and carry on the dream to put a stop to cyber bullying and bullying across the world once and for all. Listen to their introductory video and subscribe to their channel so you can stay tuned to what's coming up next on the scene with the DAUNTLESS DOGS!!!!


Watch this video to find out how you can help stop cyberbullying.

Cyberbullying Reporting Button

This is a collaborative space to create a plan to stop cyber bullying. We are hoping that students and teachers from around the world will join this wiki and help us put a stop to cyber bullying. Some ideas that have already been voiced are the following:

  • Create a collaborative website to share ideas (this is it!)
  • Make a formal website to show the world what we are doing.
  • Design a button to put on social media sites that can be clicked to report cyber bullying.
  • Make a list of social media sites to contact
  • Write lots and lots of persuasive letters to social media sites convincing them to use our button
  • Create educational videos about cyberbullying
  • Create projects using web 2.0 tools that educate others about cyber bullying and convince others to help stop it.

Click on pages to make your contributions to various topics.

Design a Button Contest:

We will be holding a contest for the button we would like social media sites to portray on their site. Create and upload your button designs. Be sure to include your name (first name only) or username and your teacher's name, so we can contact you if you win. The contest will run until January 10, 2014. We will open up the voting for the best button on January 11th. The winning button will be the button we all agree to send with our persuasive letters to social media sites.

Student Projects:

Post projects created in web 2.0 using widgets and embed code.

Cyberbullying Resources:

Post links to sites that educate others on cyber bullying.

Social Media Sites:

Post links to the social media sites we want to address our letters.

Cyberbullying Videos:

This is a place to post videos YOU have created. If you find a video created by someone else, please post it on the "Cyberbullying Resources" page.

Persuasive Letters:

This is a place to post resources for writing a good persuasive letter. You can also give or ask advice in the discussion section. Students interested in sharing their own persuasive letters to social media can upload and share them with the group. Please do NOT send your letters until we have a winning button from the "Design a Button Contest."

Example Letters:

Letters written by students. You may use these to help you write your own letters.